The book Bioethics: theoretical foundations and applications brings together texts by experts of the field who intend to promote a more comprehensive and omnibus approach  of Bioethics, one which is capable of facing, in a differentiated way, the main ethical challenges of the globalized world. The inclusion of the so-called other, whether human or not, in all its diversity, is the leading thread that guides authors in achieving a closer look and listening to the demands that permeate the different forms of life that populate contemporary times.

Bioethics: theoretical foundations and applications

REF: 978-65-80154-17-3
  • Editora: Ape'Ku Editora

    ISBN: 978-65-80154-17-3

    Ano de edição: 2020

    Distribuidora: Ape'Ku Editora

    Número de páginas: 260

    Formato do livro: 16 x 23 cm

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